AWE Raffle Results + Bonus Tips For Attendees
Custom Audiences: Facebook’s way of handing you ROI on a platter!
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Networking Events of AWE 2016 + Bonus Tip For Affiliates
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How to apply for and communicate with CPA networks
The #1 Must-Have Asset for a Beginner Affiliate

AWE Raffle Results + Bonus Tips For Attendees

As I am writing this post, I’m sitting on the balcony of my beach condo in sunny California. I moved to Santa Monica for a couple of months to hang out with my friends and to discover myself on a deeper level. California totally changed my perspective on life. I used to be the typical lazy affiliate, always low on energy, eating unhealthy, busting my bum in front of the computer for hours and hours without much physical activity and staying at home on weekends. BUT when I moved to Cali, I came with a different mindset. I was committed to change and started hitting the gym 5x a week – with the help of a personal trainer. I’ve improved so much, in the past 2 months I’ve been getting up at 7am, hitting the gym, being active and outgoing like never before and taking my puppy (Ramen) on long walks so she never pees inside anymore 😀 I also started to pursue a new passion: skateboarding!! I’ve been high on energy and feeling very well. In case you’re wondering how you can get more energy – start working out, that’s a game changer! :)

Okay so I know you’re here to learn who won the contest for Affiliate World Europe! :)

So as you may already know I got 2 extra tickets for AWE and wanted to give them away so I contribute back to the affiliate community. Attending a trade show always requires a decent budget – flight, hotel, food and the conference ticket. These “little costs” add up quick and turn down some affiliates from coming! Let me make it easier for 2 randomly selected affiliates!

So the winners are:
Winner #1: Marco Polidori
Winner #2: Rossella Bellistri

I used this online app to randomly select the names in case you’re wondering why both winners are Italian! 😛

Thanks for the participation y’all! Hope you’ll have more luck the next time! :)

Attending trade shows have always been my priority. Why!? Because that’s where you meet a potential partner, make friendships, learn a new tactic or hear about a fresh opportunity.

When I attend a conference I go with a plan. I spend time, money and energy on this trip so I always make sure to bring the most out of the show.
Here are a couple of questions for you to ask, so you come prepared:
  • What do I want to get out of this trip? (new partnerships, talk to CPA Network to deepen a relationship)
  • Who am I going to hang out with? (make sure you don’t play the introvert and actually get out to enjoy the show!)
  • Who do I want to meet who I haven’t met before? (An influencer, someone you follow on social media or an affiliate manager)
  • What parties am I going to attend? (This is crucial! Based on what traffic source or offers you focus on, you should learn what parties there are to attend so you can mingle with like-minded people!)
  • What outfit am I going to wear? (I know it sounds superficial but your look also counts. People are more likely to keep a conversation going if you look well-dressed)
  • What is my short story? (When you meet someone new, they’ll ask the cliché question, “so what do you do!?” – you need to come up with an efficient and appealing answer to keep their interest)
  • What speeches or panel talks do I want to attend? (You’ll have so many options to choose from, better to prepare ahead)

If you have any other recommendations or ideas, don’t hesitate to comment below! :)

Cheers and see you in Berlin soon! :*

Custom Audiences: Facebook’s way of handing you ROI on a platter!

Welcome back my lovely readers, it’s been long!

I wanted to share one of the coolest updates Facebook is about to roll out!

Okay, so anyone who’s familiar with buying ads on Facebook is most likely aware of the power of lookalikes. A lot of the whales already jumped on this bandwagon! :)

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The #1 Secret CPA Networks Don’t Want You To Know

I’m on a flight from NYC right after ASE16 on my way back to Houston my 2nd home. I know it’s probably a #FirstWorldProblem but there’s no internet, nor hot meal on this flight even tho I’m flying BusinessFirst on United. At least I have a big room for my laptop and to kill time I have 2 options: watch TV to get brainwashed OR write a killer article to educate my fellow affiliates. :)

So here I am thinking about a very interesting topic… Read More

Networking Events of AWE 2016 + Bonus Tip For Affiliates

Super exciting!! Affiliate World Conference in Berlin is going to take place in just 8 days!

All conferences have one thing in common – the outstanding opportunity to meet people. This is what I tell my clients and partners that networking is the most important element of a successful affiliate marketing business ,as no skills are worth a dime without the right connections. As they say your network is your net worth – so focus on building your social capital if you want a long-term successful business!

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3 Simple Tricks To Master The Art of CTR In Facebook Ads

Since I’ve launched my consulting services I have been spending hours and hours with clients looking at their campaign flow and helping them perfect their system. It’s interesting to see that even advanced affiliates can make rookie mistakes and don’t realize where they mess up.

This is the reason I decided to come up with an article about 3 major mistakes I tend to see with my clients: Read More

7 Life Lessons From My 7 Years as an “Adult”

Today is my 25th birthday. It is a magical number as I’ve been waiting for soooo long to be able to rent a car without any extra fees. 😀 I know it sounds silly but this is the only benefit I can think of when I realize it’s my 25th birthday.

I don’t feel much difference, it’s just a number and appreciate life as much as yesterday or a week before…

Instead of celebrating myself I show my appreciation to my mom so after I’m done with this article I’m going to head to the flower shop and get her a bunch flowers to show my appreciation to her.

I flew home from Bangkok just to be with her and also to see my dog Bandita. :)

So let’s get into this, lessons I learned in the past 7 years…



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How to apply for and communicate with CPA networks

When you are getting started with your affiliate marketing journey the first thing you need to get sorted is the application process for CPA Networks. I remember when I was 16 and 17 I had to do the calls and barely spoke English BUT I knew exactly what to say, I used the lingo that is used by the industry (EPC, CPC, etc..) and I got approved right away as I showed a professional image.

Many newbies don’t understand the importance of representing themselves as a professional media buying agency, but I believe this is a mistake as if you want to succeed in this business you need be taken seriously. Let me put you into the CPA Network’s head for a minute: Read More

The #1 Must-Have Asset for a Beginner Affiliate


The #1 asset you need to build out on your affiliate marketing journey is: TRUST. As we all know business is based on trust. Now I’m sure many of you can relate to the story when I had to call CPA Networks to get approved so I can run their offers and when I did the application they were already very skeptical, first because I was a young girl, second because I was calling from a foreign country speaking broken English and third because I knew what I was talking about, which was not very common. Not many people believed I was real, therefore there wasn’t much trust towards me so I knew I had to show myself, that’s why I went to attend my very first trade show (Affiliate Summit – at the age of 17, I had to find a way to get into Affiliate Summit and I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty damn tricky on my end, as they ID you and you must be 21 but I found a way to talk myself out of getting IDed and I had the chance to walk around the trade show.)

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