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7 Life Lessons From My 7 Years as an “Adult”

7 Life Lessons From My 7 Years as an “Adult”

Today is my 25th birthday. It is a magical number as I’ve been waiting for soooo long to be able to rent a car without any extra fees. 😀 I know it sounds silly but this is the only benefit I can think of when I realize it’s my 25th birthday.

I don’t feel much difference, it’s just a number and appreciate life as much as yesterday or a week before…

Instead of celebrating myself I show my appreciation to my mom so after I’m done with this article I’m going to head to the flower shop and get her a bunch flowers to show my appreciation to her.

I flew home from Bangkok just to be with her and also to see my dog Bandita. :)

So let’s get into this, lessons I learned in the past 7 years…



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