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  • Mine was just flagged while i didn’t use it! it’s so weird that facebook waited until they got paid to flag my account! in fact all the ( approved gaming campaigns ) were deactivated by me like 2 weeks before that happened. facebook treats ( small advertisers ) inappropriately and with no respect as they don’t even provide support ! Do you think i lost my account forever ?

    • You have a chance getting your account back, you should submit your ID and appeal. If it’s policy violation your chances are lower tho… Try to move on to another account and make sure you open up those 3 business managers in that new account.

      • Thank you Christina. I actually did however they said it’s a final decision. do you have a guide to do that for the new account ? on your blog or stm ? i have another account so if i could use it it would be awsome. Thyanks again Christina 😉

  • This post is excellent as it speaks the truth about facebook – its not an easy ride and it never will be. However, the fact that my newsfeed and everyone else’s is filled with ads for diet,skin and muscle shows that Facebook’s algo is anything but perfect. As you said all it takes is to think outside the box, now this is easier said than done, especially for affiliates who have the rip the entire funnel mentality, if you are not testing your own methods, you will NEVER crack the algorithm, facebook can be easily fooled, its just up to the affiliate to find out how :)

    Same goes for campaigns, if you are not testing your own angles, your own custom landers etc, you will be in the same pool as the rest. but let it be known, facebook is a game of cat and mouse – but your goal is to be the cat rather than the mouse 😉

    • Yes my key rule of thumb is to find what my competitors are doing and make something better than them! There are various tools out there which can help you make better creatives, better landers and in overall a more successful setup to beat your competitors. It takes work and dedication but definitely doable :)

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