Can My Life Get Any Better?

After spending some good amount of time in sunny California, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to leave for Europe and dive in to a full week of networking.

June 9-12, 2017 – the weekend of super affiliates.

And by super affiliates I mean the top 50. From all around the world. Guys (and girls!!) from Indonesia, Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, US and many more took the time to fly to beautiful Antalya, Turkey. We were treated like superstars by the AdCombo team – hands down to an elite weekend! They covered the flight, the all inclusive Calista Luxury Resort stay and looked after all our wishes.

When we arrived to the resort, the beautiful Adcombo girls greeted us with warm hugs right in front of their main prize – the Ferrari California:

AdCombo Girls

The whole experience was just surreal – you arrive to a dream destination to win a Ferrari!

After the heartwarming greetings, the raffle chips, choco strawberry and some champagne followed. We got the keys to our room and had some time to relax before the first White Pier Party we got an invite for.

Oh AdCombo you know how to entertain! One of my favorite things in life is walking on piers and enjoying the ocean breeze! They combined this wonderful experience with a super classy white party. Basically as the name calls for it everyone dressed in white. It felt like you’re in a TV show or something where you attend a high-end party with DJ playing in the background, while munchin’ on some delicious treats. I cannot emphasize enough how much attention they had to the details. The tables, the lighting, the servers – all super professionally done. And they had a “special drink” for ladies – a hazelnut liquoer! The party was fun, I finally got to meet Constantin – the amazing CEO of AdCombo – he was pretty friendly and genuine. A young man you’d never think running such a large operation. I also have to add without Ella – the soul of AdCombo – it wouldn’t be as successful. She demands respect with her outstanding hustler attitude, kind and serene character and amazing language skills, she speaks fluent English, Russian and Japanese!!! She has clearly set a good example for other ladies in the industry, I truly admire her! :)

White Party by the Pier

Ella and FBQueen

Ella and FBQueen

With Amazing Holly - the PR of AdCombo :)

With Amazing Holly – the PR of AdCombo :)

The second day followed with a Pool Party – dress code was of course a swimsuit. Unfortunately my jet lag kicked in so I napped thru the most of the party… Beforehand I was happy to see the sunrise tho, around 5am I walked back onto the Pier and got mesmerized by the light of the Moon on the sea on one side and by the orange sky on the other side. Those peaceful moments I appreciate the most.

Ian Fernando at the pool party

Ian Fernando at the pool party

In the evening we had the Black Party – everyone dressed super nice, all in black! Seriously I can’t decide what’s hotter, men in complete white OR black?!? Now it is a dilemma! :)

And again… I was impressed by the setup. There were a lot of BBQ set up with dressed up chefs, looking to satisfy your cravings. I was spoiled for choice!! I mean the resort itself is all inclusive but AdCombo took the extra effort and setup a private BBQ dinner for us so we could enjoy the food while watching the show. They had a huge stage setup for the raffle game. I’m looking for words what to compare it to, but honestly this was such a unique experience, it was like a gala but a better version of it as all the attendees were participating in the raffle, having the chance to win titanium iPhones, Macbooks, Rolex watches and the main prize: Ferrari!! :) It was surreal!

He won a Rolex and also the Ferrari!!!

He won a Rolex and also the Ferrari!!!

Thanks AdCombo for the invitation! I enjoyed every second of the weekend. To be honest first I was hesitant to accept the invitation because I didn’t hear much about AdCombo before, but Antalya was tempting and I knew I’d have a chance to network with some super amazing affiliates. I love challenges and dived right into the pool of the unknown. AdCombo, you didn’t disappoint. You’ve taken affiliate marketing to a whole ‘nother level!! <3

Dori, Ella, Constantin (going from the right)

Constantin, Ella, Dori and FBQueen

Lucky winner of Ferrari!!

Lucky winner of Ferrari!!

In case you’re wondering why you should work with AdCombo – my favorite part about them is their tracking platform. I always tell my clients it says a lot about a network what kind of tracking platform they’re using. AdCombo went the extra mile to build their own custom tracking platform so it’s definitely a headstart in terms of ROI!

Secondly, their affiliate managers are more educated than you’d think. Constantin did a good job on finding the right people to give you the best support when it comes to finding the right fit for you in terms of offers and traffic.

They pay 2x a week. Yes you read that right. You get payment 8x a month which is HUGE when it comes to scaling as you can reinvest your earnings pretty fast which is a game changer!

AdCombo has taken Affiliate Marketing to a whole ‘nother level, working with them is a no brainer! :)

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