AWE17 Raffle Results + Bonus Tips For Attendees

As I am writing this post, I’m sitting in an awesome beach shack in sunny California. I moved to Santa Monica for a couple of months to hang out with my friends and to discover myself on a deeper level. California totally changed my perspective on life.

I used to be the typical lazy affiliate, always low on energy, eating unhealthy, busting my bum in front of the computer for hours and hours without much physical activity and staying at home on weekends. I was totally living the night owl lifestyle, getting up 11am-1pm and going to sleep around 3-5am… The struggle was real… Getting up was a battle, eating healthy was never my top priority. Having coffee day and night… I was feeling drained all the time! Can you relate!? BUT when I moved to Cali, I came with a different mindset. I was committed to change and started hitting the gym 5x a week – with the help of a personal trainer. I’ve improved so much, in the past 2 months I’ve been getting up at 7am, hitting the gym, being active and outgoing like never before and taking my puppy (Ramen) on long walks so she never pees inside anymore 😀 I also started to pursue a new passion: skateboarding!! I’ve been high on energy and feeling very well. In case you’re wondering how you can get more energy – start working out, that’s a game changer! :)

Okay so I know you’re here to learn who won the contest for Affiliate World Europe! :)

So as you may already know I got 2 extra tickets for AWE and wanted to give them away so I contribute back to the affiliate community. Attending a trade show always requires a decent budget – flight, hotel, food and the conference ticket. These “little costs” add up quick and turn down some affiliates from coming! Let me make it easier for 2 randomly selected affiliates!

So the winners are:
Winner #1: Marco Polidori
Winner #2: Rossella Bellistri

I used this online app to randomly select the names in case you’re wondering why both winners are Italian! 😛

Thanks for the participation y’all! Hope you’ll have more luck the next time! :)

Attending trade shows have always been my priority. Why!? Because that’s where you meet a potential partner, make friendships, learn a new tactic or hear about a fresh opportunity.

When I attend a conference I go with a plan. I spend time, money and energy on this trip so I always make sure to bring the most out of the show.
Here are a couple of questions for you to ask, so you come prepared:
  • What do I want to get out of this trip? (new partnerships, talk to CPA Network to deepen a relationship)
  • Who am I going to hang out with? (make sure you don’t play the introvert and actually get out to enjoy the show!)
  • Who do I want to meet who I haven’t met before? (An influencer, someone you follow on social media or an affiliate manager)
  • What parties am I going to attend? (This is crucial! Based on what traffic source or offers you focus on, you should learn what parties there are to attend so you can mingle with like-minded people!)
  • What outfit am I going to wear? (I know it sounds superficial but your look also counts. People are more likely to keep a conversation going if you look well-dressed)
  • What is my short story? (When you meet someone new, they’ll ask the cliché question, “so what do you do!?” – you need to come up with an efficient and appealing answer to keep their interest)
  • What speeches or panel talks do I want to attend? (You’ll have so many options to choose from, better to prepare ahead)

If you have any other recommendations or ideas, don’t hesitate to comment below! :)

Cheers and see you in Berlin soon! :*

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