I Came. I Saw. I Conquered. – Affiliate Summit & FBQueen Mastermind in Las Vegas

Just got back from my US trip, feeling accomplished and fulfilled! This time I mixed business with pleasure, as I started with a week in Hawaii and then spent a week in Las Vegas.

Celebrated New Years Eve in North Shore, Turtle Bay – my goal was to swim with a couple of sea turtles as I love animals and I have done it a few years ago (gosh time flies!!), it was one of the most magical experiences in my life! This time I didn’t manage to see any at Turtle Bay but then moved to Waikiki and I got lucky there!! I think I maxed out the tourist activities, I went on a doorless helicopter ride, submarine ride, chilled on the beach sipping on pina colada from a giant pineapples, went on a yacht ride, swam with sea turtles, watched hula dancers and experienced some thai fine dining. :) Couldn’t really wish for more, I was ready to conquer Vegas!

fbqueen chillin' in hawaii

When I got to Las Vegas reality started to kick in and I felt more and more pressured, I had a speech to do at ASW18 and a 2-day private workshop I had organized for 13 clients.

When it comes to business I take myself very seriously. I take life easy but delivering results in business is most important to me.

I was 17 when I attended my first ASW! It gave me a perspective on the industry, I realized how big the affiliate marketing industry is and I can proudly say it was a life-changing event for me.

I feel extremely honored that Shawn Collins had personally reached out to me to speak at their conference :)

I was speaking about what I’m good at: Facebook and ad accounts

  • Types of bans

  • Precautions and security steps to prevent bans

  • Best verticals and type of offers to run in 2018

fbqueen at asw18

Speech went well, I believe my content was on point as I received great feedback and a lot of questions were asked in the Q&A part. The minor technical glitch I’ve had in the middle of the presentation made me realize I need to be more prepared for speeches as I can’t just rely on slides, I need to step up my game and do better next time! #selfoptimization

Phew, one less thing to worry about, I loved the challenge of speaking at ASW18 and was happy with the overall outcome.

Then on the 11th my Private Mastermind had started. To my biggest surprise I got a crown from one of the attendees! No wonder this mastermind is the closest to my heart!! :)

I have to admit this was the most successful mastermind so far. The attendees were really open to share ideas and brainstorm with me and we had an ongoing conversation the whole time. I like to keep my masterminds interactive because it’s the best for everyone when it’s not just me talking all the time. I’ve had lots of content prepared and we went through PPT slides on both days.

I’m pretty happy with the feedback I got. Most attendees said I should’ve charged more and also that they were blown away how open I was about my tactics on FB. Here’s one of the testimonials made by Phillip:

“I am honored to be admitted to this mastermind and thank you FBQueen. You’ve held nothing from us and straight to the point, make me feel like a kid in the candy store. This set you miles apart from other so called fb guru. I am fascinated by the amount of knowledge you’ve shared with us and frankly you should have charged more for these insights. Her information help us overcome hurdles and struggles we encountered in the past few months. Highly recommended for seasoned affiliates to get a fresh prespectives of their current setup. Glad to have met all the liked mind talents from the mastermind group! Thank you so much!“ – Phillip

fbqueen mastermind

Just a couple of the topics we went over during the 2 days:

– How to create quality accounts (showed my tried and true strategies step-by-step)
– Funding solutions (introduced my credit card sources)
– A killer warm-up strategy to boost the accounts’ quality score so high that the money making ads will crush any past performance
– Strategies to instantly lower CPC
– Techniques to get the highest quality traffic available (maxing that ROI!!)
– How to optimize and scale quickly to get the most out of the rolling moneyball
– And much more!!

If you feel like you’ve missed out – don’t worry – I’m going to host my next mastermind in Barcelona right after Mobile World Congress on March 2nd and 3rd!

FBQueen Mastermind Barcelona

You can register here: http://barcelona.fbqueen.me


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