Custom Audiences: Facebook’s way of handing you ROI on a platter!

Welcome back my lovely readers, it’s been long!

I wanted to share one of the coolest updates Facebook is about to roll out!

Okay, so anyone who’s familiar with buying ads on Facebook is most likely aware of the power of lookalikes. A lot of the whales already jumped on this bandwagon! :)

For those of you who don’t know what a lookalike is… Basically Facebook’s algorithm is so advanced that you can feed it some data and it finds you people who are very much similar to your data feed. By data I mean email or phone number or users tracked by your Facebook pixel. One thing is for sure, the better the quality of this data the more powerful lookalike audiences Facebook can build for you. What do I mean by “quality data”? Just imagine if you had a list of users who have been tracked as converting/purchasing, or email lists of repeat buyers. How would you like to target people who are very much like them? Quality people = more money in your pocket :)

You can of course use traditional data like emails/phone numbers that people used for sign ups, with phone numbers being better (people have many emails right?), but as an affiliate you’re less likely to have access to these…

Now here’s the good news:

You can build a lookalike audience based on people who have engaged with your Page or posts/ads. The powerful thing is, you can run some initial testing targeting multiple audiences and then just run a lookalike for people who have engaged with your ads – sure way to find people who are also interested in your product.

Here’s how you should do it:

Step 1: Go to your Ads Manager, load Audiences in Power Editor

Screenshot 2016-11-18 14.37.47

Step 2: Click on Create Audience – Custom Audience

Screenshot 2016-11-18 14.38.31


Step 3: Select Engagement on Facebook
Screenshot 2016-11-18 14.40.01
Step 4: Click on the option – Page

Screenshot 2016-11-18 14.40.22

Step 5: Select your preferred option, in my case it’s Everyone who engaged with my Page
Screenshot 2016-11-18 14.43.11
Step 6: Name it and click on Create! There you go! Facebook’s algorithm is now working to find those people who have engaged with your Page in the past 365 days.

Screenshot 2016-11-18 14.45.43

Step 7: Create Lookalike :) Give it 30 minutes and then go back to Audiences, click on Create Audience, but this time select Lookalike Audience.

Screenshot 2016-11-18 14.47.36







Step 8: Select Source and Country – find the name you gave to your Custom Audience and also decide what country you want people to be found in.

Screenshot 2016-11-18 14.48.39


Step 9: BOOM! You just created a lookalike audience based on the people who have engaged with your ad. Now go to Ads Manager and set up your campaign targeting this Lookalike Audience! :)


Please note, this is something Facebook is ABOUT to roll out so it’s not available on all ad accounts just yet. Wait for it! It’ll come soon. :)

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  • I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for Facebook to roll this out! For years I’ve wanted to be able to target people that liked an ad/post – so glad it’s possible now. And with being able to build lookalikes from those audiences, we’ve got another method of scaling campaigns.

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